Stone Savior Floor Cleaner


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Use Stone Savior Floor Cleaner on any natural stone, ceramic, or porcelain floor tile for a brilliant clean. It is safe for daily use. Simply dilute two ounces of the cleaner with a gallon of clean water and mop using a clean sponge mop.

Stone Savior Concentrate Stone Floor Cleaner is a safe, eco-friendly cleaner. It is non-toxic, as well as biodegradable. Unlike many other stone floor cleaners, this product will not leave film or streaks. This product is great for interior, as well and exterior use and is also applicable to shower floors and walls. One gallon of Stone Savior Concentrate Stone floor Cleaner will cover up to 20,000 sq. feet of floor when mopping, or up to 40,000 sq. feet when using an automatic scrubber.

Material Safety Data Sheet PDF